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Still Unsure About Needles?

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These are the thinnest needles you have ever seen! When using dry needling to alleviate your pain, Don Ostdiek, PT, DPT, uses very thin needles.  Many times patients cannot feel them when they first enter the skin.  Many patients feel the needle briefly, only after the therapist hits a trigger point, which is how you experience relief.  Give it a try today!

Dry Needling Works!

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Dry needling is an efficient way to treat pain. A recent patient, Angela, said, “I am beyond impressed with the care provided by Physical Therapy Works. Three weeks of PT on my shoulder and arm are working again. Thanks, Sarah and Donald.”  You do not have to live in pain.  Schedule an appointment at Physical Therapy Works for dry needling.

We love helping patients!

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From Roger, a patient recently discharged…Don—Thanks for greatly helping me with my chronic TMJ and chronic low back pain.  Both conditions were affecting my daily life.  I felt they would be something I would have to just live with forever.  But after several months of your treatments and suggested home exercises, both conditions are now nearly gone.  I greatly appreciate what you have done for me.

You’re welcome, Roger!  Our goal is to discharge patients as efficiently as possible.

What our patients are saying…

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I did something one day to my back and I was in a lot of pain. I went to my chiropractor and massage therapist. After several sessions I was not getting any results. I was referred to Don and it was amazing. He got me back to myself. Plus, he taught me how to PREVENT this from happening again with exercises. I can’t believe what a difference he made!! He also helped my with my headaches. I highly recommend him!!!

In network for United Health Care!

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Great news!  As of April 1, 2016, we are in network for United Health Care insurance.

Don attended Cranio Facial Therapy Academy (CRAFTA)

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Don recently attended the Craniomandibular and Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain Module 1 course through CRAFTA Myopain seminars. With this further education, Don is able to specialize in TMJ, TMD, and headaches.  He will attend Module 2 later in 2016.

Our Therapists Stay Current!

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Don Ostdiek, PT, DPT, and Bonnie LaFollette, PTA, attended the International Spine and Pain Institute 2015 Clinical Conference: Every Joint Has a Brain in June 2015.

Bonnie LaFollette, PTA, is now a licensed practitioner of the Niel Asher Technique having successfully completed the 40-hour NAT-Complex Shoulder-Masters Course.  Congratulations, Bonnie!

Welcome to Bonnie LaFollette, PTA

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Bonnie LaFollette, PTA, started in September 2014.  She works M-F afternoons.  She brings experience in orthopedic and home health settings.

Patient Feedback

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A patient wrote this in her newsletter at a local gym.  We really appreciate such kind words.

“Don Ostdiek of Physical Therapy Works is up to his usual miracle working self. If you are training for a half or full marathon and experiencing physical problems due to it, don’t wait. Go see him. He’s the best.”

We love patient feedback!

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Don received the following note from a recent patient.  We love to help people feel better!

Don, You have superpowers! I was still limping when I left your office Friday. Went to dinner with my son and his wife  and was still hobbling a little but by the time we got home, I decided not to take the meds and had a great night sleep. No pain whatsoever during the night. Woke up with absolutely no pain at all and could not believe it. Felt great on Saturday but decided not to push it. I actually worked out on my elliptical on Sunday and felt great and still do. I cannot believe what great work you did on me. I am also convinced that you diagnosed the cause of the problem as well. I don’t think I’ll need any more appointments on this issue and hopefully no others in the future but if I do need help I know who to call now.