Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance pay for physical therapy?

We are providers for most major insurance providers. We encourage you to call our office to inquire
about insurance coverage. If we are not in network, many times the in network and out of network
costs difference is pretty minimal.

I have been to therapy at other clinics. What makes your treatment different?

At Physical Therapy Works, we focus on finding the cause of your symptoms instead of just treating only
the symptoms. Also, you will receive one on one treatment with the therapist. We do not use aides
or technicians for treatment. Another benefit is that we focus on using manual techniques instead of
exercise based and modality based therapy.

You mention headaches and shoulder as the areas that you treat, do you treat other body parts?

We do not limit ourselves to treating only shoulder and necks. We also treat low back pain, SI joint
pain, hip, knee and ankle pain. We utilize the same manual therapy principals to treat other parts of the