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A patient wrote this in her newsletter at a local gym.  We really appreciate such kind words.

“Don Ostdiek of Physical Therapy Works is up to his usual miracle working self. If you are training for a half or full marathon and experiencing physical problems due to it, don’t wait. Go see him. He’s the best.”

We love patient feedback!

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Don received the following note from a recent patient.  We love to help people feel better!

Don, You have superpowers! I was still limping when I left your office Friday. Went to dinner with my son and his wife  and was still hobbling a little but by the time we got home, I decided not to take the meds and had a great night sleep. No pain whatsoever during the night. Woke up with absolutely no pain at all and could not believe it. Felt great on Saturday but decided not to push it. I actually worked out on my elliptical on Sunday and felt great and still do. I cannot believe what great work you did on me. I am also convinced that you diagnosed the cause of the problem as well. I don’t think I’ll need any more appointments on this issue and hopefully no others in the future but if I do need help I know who to call now.

Three Years!

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Yesterday marked our three year anniversary of opening!  We are grateful to all of our patients, past and present, especially those who have referred family or friends.  We love to serve you!

What Patients Are Saying…

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From Kim, a Personal Trainer and a patient of Physical Therapy Works: “If you’re looking for the best physical therapist HANDS DOWN, you have to see Don Ostdiek at Physical Therapy Works (84th and Frederick, by Mangelsen’s). You don’t have to live in pain. Here’s an example of my most recent Don-Rocks story: I’ve been having knee pain while running. Everyone I talked to (chiropractors, massage therapists, other pt’s) blamed it on my IT band. In one visit with Don, he evaluated the true problem and took care of it in a matter of minutes (using dry needling). ZERO pain now. The guy knows. his. stuff.”

Dry Needling Used Among Professional Football Teams

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Dry Needling is the modality of choice at Physical Therapy Works. It has many benefits, and it is very effective for pain relief. Five professional football teams have embraced dry needling, including one calling it a “revolutionary form of physical therapy.” Click on the article title below to read more.

Redskins’ Dry Needles Speed Recovery Time

Dry Needling Certification

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Don attended a dry needling certification course in January 2013.  He learned some exciting new techniques associated with dry needling.  He has already experienced success with one patient who had pain following recovery from shingles.  Don was able to dramatically reduce the patient’s pain with dry needling.

Recent News About Our Clinic

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Physical Therapy Works Omaha has just launched a new website.  We hope this new site provides our patients and potential patients with the news and information they need to feel better and live better.  Check back often for updates!